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Happy ((ooc: totally not 'belated')) Valentines', ladies! And thankyou for all the chocolate. You girls are great.

Screened to Jade

I'm really sorry, Jade. And I want you to let me explain it properly, because I think you've got completely the wrong idea.

I'm going to trust you with something I- hell, I probably shouldn't and he would /kill/ me if he found out- if you'll listen. Because it's better than losing y--

Just... please stop ignoring me?
So, Ed? Did you get the dress dry-cleaned yet? Maria says 'thankyou'.

[private] It's low, but very funny AND it serves him right to have to personally take that to the dry cleaners'. Especially if he thinks I wanted it for a girl... thankyou, Maes. [private]
Another year's gone fast.

I think I've finally got everything I'll need for the next few days, though. Presents, snacks, some very nice Scotch for myself... and I'm sure Maes will invade in the name of Christmas tomorrow or Boxing Day, too.

I decorated the library last night; Scieszka strikes me as the sort of girl who'll like it. I even put a little Christmas tree in the corner but if anybody asks what happened to the one in Reception it's a mystery, okay? I was only saving Suigintou-sama from its presence anyway. Talking of which, the new shelves arrived and are up. Happy Christmas and a merry new reference section, Miss Sheska.

Oh, and Jade, will you be free on Boxing Day morning? It'll be very quiet at Suzuran, so I was wondering if you wanted to visit in the name of hot chocolate?

Well, I suppose a 'Happy Christmas' would be appropriate here. Just don't get too drunk, and I'll see you all at the Ball. ;)


Who'd have known?!

Dec. 7th, 2007

She didn't even notice.

All that work... and she hasn't even looked in there.

That's it, I'm leaving a reference book on her desk.

Nov. 24th, 2007

Hey... Schieszka? You haven't seen my sub anywhere, have you?

Nov. 21st, 2007


I need to talk to you. Are you free this evening?

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