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Tales of Roy, Hot Librarian Extraordinaire

A Suzuran_Gakuen RP Journal

Roy Mustang

Personality Background
Roy is definitely a reticent person, sometimes lapsing into periods of reluctance to communicate with others. This is possibly the after-effect of some bad experiences within the military. His reservation is particularly pronounced around students, towards whom he does not seem to relate well. Although there may be one or two in whom he sees something that interests him and around whom he may be more comfortable he has limited patience with them, contrasting sharply with the personalities of many other staff members, particularly his friend, Maes Hughes.

Yet he is disinterested and aloof rather than shy; he has a calm demeanour and an even temper which, combined with a sharp mind and obvious intelligence, makes him capable of conversing politely and easily with those above him within the school when need be. In this way he will often form business relationships rather than friendships since, despite his charming and charismatic appearance, he finds himself slow to trust and prefers to keep people at a safe distance.

This reluctance to trust others, preferring to rely on himself, is perhaps the result of his military career or the aftermath of his downfall; it has certainly been exacerbated by it. However, it is clear from his close bond with ex-military-buddy Maes Hughes that once he knows somebody he will prove himself fiercely loyal and expect no less in return, becoming willing to confide in a few, trusted individuals to an alarming degree. Such friendships- although rare- bring his best qualities to light and often result in the loss of his usual seriousness. Indeed, he is particularly relaxed around Maes and the two can often be found bantering or teasing one another.

It is mainly because of his sharp, enquiring mind and appreciation of books that he decided to take up his position as librarian, yet the fact that he does not need to interact with students on the level of a teacher also contributed.
Like Hughes, Roy is reluctant to speak of his failed military career, and will usually either ignore such questions completely or change the subject. All that is known by most is that he was 'injured in action' during a scouting mission to the North (although he appears to be in a fine physical state in the present), and dismissed on these grounds at around the same time as Maes Hughes.

This is more than just coincidence.

Only a handful of people know the real story, including Gracia, Riza and Roy’s other most trusted subordinates, and none are willing to say more than Roy himself. The man is an enigma; not overly unhappy but still quiet and fairly withdrawn, no wife or child and no other known family save a sister, whom he visits during the holidays.

After a short period of supposed recovery from his injuries sustained during that fateful scouting mission, Roy took up several jobs before settling upon his current position. It is probable that it was Maes who suggested it to him in the first place, and in any case it was clear from the time he took up librarianship within the school that he already knew the man very well indeed. Nowadays the two will often spend their evenings together in the library, often talking late into the night. It would be untrue to say he is not glad to be working alongside his dearest friend once again.

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